Sunday, February 10, 2013

Coffee shop or chain?

Of course, it's not beyond the bounds of possibility that Harris and Hoole will have the 

theoretical capacity to serve a "damn fine cup of coffee" – 

Tesco is a part owner of this chain, the chain will be run by Andrew and Laura Tolley, the 

Australian siblings behind the aspiring London coffee shops Taylor Street.

But this is not a likely scenario. 

Fine Arabica coffee, however knowledgeably and ethically sourced.

Has a habit of shedding its winning qualities 

When made into an amaretto milkshake by casual staff 

Earning little more than the minimum wage.

Truly great coffee shops – think 

Tazza D'oro in Rome or Caffe Pirona in Trieste.

Are one-off indie operations, often family-run. 

They reflect all the quirks and preferences of the diverse group of people who run them. 

This authenticity is what gives the best independent coffee shops such timeless appeal, 


Makes them genuine assets to their area. 

Never confuse this venerable business model with faux chain coffee shops

Stamped out with corporate template.

Enjoy your coffee where you will.

Just notice the difference.

Also ambiance is usually more authentic in one off operations.

Your choice just notice the subtle differences not only in the coffee but the total experience 

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