Friday, February 15, 2013


If you do decide to telework then consider these:

Set up a dedicated work space not shared by other family members

Work to time, not to task - take regular breaks and calculate your natural concentration period

Switch tasks regularly to add variety to your working day.

Agree a way of signalling to family members you are working and not available

Keep to your usual work and sleep patterns

Do not isolate yourself.

Keep in contact with work colleagues via email, text, phone and social media

Stick to a work routine and keep a strict division between work and social or family life

Switch off work gadgets at the end of the day and let colleagues and managers know when you are not available

Set up separate personal and work email addresses to help maintain work and home boundaries

And of course appreciate this freedom, otherwise why do it?

And yes it is still important maybe more so to visit and spend time with other colleagues in the office.

Teleworking is not for everyone

The major downside is being absent from office politics.

The major upside is being absent from office politics.

Notice something here?

Work is not just about work.

Consider your work office as a place where many unspoken games are played.

If you want promotion can you afford to telework?

Often the office is where these things are decided not on work merit but on other more subtle criteria

Just think twice about how you want to work and what work is for you

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