Saturday, February 16, 2013


Gurus abound

Each with his own truth

Each claiming to know all

But even the highest among them agree on no one point

Though each claims supremacy

This because no science

No philosophy

Can stand alone

Or be complete in itself

Truth to be complete

Must represent an unbroken continuity

It must have no gaps

No missing links

And which of our modern religions, sciences or philosophies is free from such defects?

Truth is one.

Even as the palest reflection of the absolute

It can be no more dual than is absoluteness itself

Nor can it have two aspects.

But such truth is not for the majorities

In our world of illusion

For those of the majority they have to substitute for the high spiritual and absolute truth

The relative one

Which having two sides or aspects

Both conditioned by appearances

Lead our brain mind

One to intellectual scientific materialism

The other to materialistic or anthropomorphic religiosity

Neither of these offer credibility today

And this is where we are today

Our belief systems are threadbare

Few have belief in religion or materialism

There is a truth

There has always been a truth

It awaits anyone who cares to look

To think for himself

It is called the perennial wisdom.

And why is truth important?

Because if you can find truth you will find peace of mind

And if you can find peace of mind

Then whatever comes your way in life is fine

Bad times, good times neither upset or provoke disquiet 

Because you have achieved peace of  mind

You have found truth.

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