Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Power in corporations

Contrary to many people's belief the corporations don’t have all the power at all. 

They only do within the framework of a universe of force. 

In our world of force and manipulation corporations have power.

In a universe of love power is very different.

Things are not at all hopeless. 

If we see people in corporations as people just like ourselves.

Then they can change as we have changed. 

If we see them as the enemy there is no alternative but to fight them. 

Maybe there is a time for fighting.

For matching force with force. 

But I think if we carefully examine our victories in social and environmental justice.

We will find that it was the power of conscience, compassion, and love that powered those victories.

People in corporations live inside the story of their corporation just as we live in ours

They are no different from any of us, living inside a story. 

We use the story we inhabit to justify all we do. 

Or maybe it would be more accurate to say that these stories inhabit us, and use us to fulfill their telling. 

It is clear to all of us that our current stories are not helpful

They in no way offer us a way to solve the myriad problems facing us.

Time for new stories?

Or is it time for love, compassion, conscience rather than control and manipulation?

Simply stated none of us want more of the rubbish we have now.

So yes it is time for new thinking even for those inhabiting corporations

Maybe particularly for those people in corporations.

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