Thursday, April 18, 2013

True seeking

It was said by one who pretended to teach the mysteries, "It is needful that I have a pleasant location and beautiful surroundings." 

He who is a true seeker of consciousness evolution will wait for nothing of the sort, either before teaching; or what is first needful, learning. 

It would perhaps, be agreeable, but if the Divine Inspiration comes only under those conditions, then indeed is the Divine afar from the most of us. 

He only can be a factor for good or teach how to approach the way, who forgetting his own surroundings, strives to beautify and illumine those of others. 

The effort must be for the good of others, not the gratifying of our own senses, or love for the agreeable or pleasant.

Giving thought to self will most truly prevent and overthrow your aims and objects, particularly when directed toward the occult.

Again there arises the thought "I am a student, a holder of a portion of the mystic lore." 

Insidiously there steals in the thought "Behold I am a little more than other men, who have not penetrated so far." 

Know then, oh man, that you are not as great even as they. 

He who thinks he is wise is the most ignorant of men, and he who begins to believe he is wise is in greater danger than any other man who lives.

You think, oh man, that because you have obtained a portion of occult knowledge, that it entitles you to withdraw from contact with the rest of mankind. 

It is not so. 

If you have obtained true knowledge it forces you to meet all men not only half way, but more than that to seek them. 

It urges you not to retire but, seeking contact, to plunge into the misery and sorrow of the world, and with your cheering word, if you have no more (the Mystic has little else) strive to lighten the burden for some struggling soul.

You dream of fame. 

We know no such thing as fame. 

He who seeks the upward path finds that all is truth; that evil is the good gone astray. 

Why should we ask for fame? 

It is only the commendation of those we strive to help.

Desire neither notice, fame nor wealth. 

Unknown you are in retirement. 

Being fameless you are undisturbed in your seclusion, and can walk the broad face of the earth fulfilling your duty, as commanded, unrecognized.

If the duty grows hard, or you faint by the way, be not discouraged, fearful or weary of the world. 

Remember that.

Thou may'st look for silence in tumult.

Solitude in company.

Light in darkness.

Forgetfulness in pressures.

Vigor in despondency.

Courage in fear.

Resistance in temptation.

Peace in war.

And quiet in tribulation.


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