Sunday, January 03, 2010

Have you

Figured out a way to handle the less-than-perfect relationships in  your life?

Do you wish some people to just get themselves together?

Or do you keep trying, and failing to "fix" them?

Maybe it's time to accept that they are who they are, warts and all

And decide how they fit into your life

Or they don't as they are

Speaking of relationships what positive things do you bring to relationships with your husband, your children and friends?
Is it your wicked sense of humor?
Your sage advice?
Your habit of listening to a loved one who's in the dumps?
Your generosity?
Your tolerance and forgiveness?
Being aware of what you bring to the relationship helps you go easier on yourself when you hit those inevitable rough moments in your relationships.
Reminding yourself of your strengths makes you feel more capable in every aspect of your life, from handling a crisis at work to running the house, job whatever your life involves

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