Saturday, January 02, 2010

My time alone

How do you spend your alone time?
Certainly, walking the dog, even gardening is therapeutic, satisfying, and gives you relief from pressures of the day  

But if you always stick with the same routines, 'same-old stuff', you'll probably admit to finding yourself feeling a bit bored and uninspired

For some the answer is no as the 'same-old stuff' offers a kind of security

If  you then rationalise that your garden or walk is the best activity in the world then you are well on your way

On your way that is to a perception that is not objective reality

So many do this arguing that they are right

That they are correct

Insisting that they do not need change

That they do not need any other stimulus

Life is just fine as it is

And you know this is true for some

Only though if their understanding of life is narrow and fear of the new is strong

If you see your life as about doing things for others

Then letting yourself feel newly curious and challenged by all the cool stuff out there is helpful

Who knows what you'll love?

What new activity, with what group, doing what hiking trail, going to that new film?

Prepare to be surprised

For new is what helps us stay young

Young is not about calendar years

Young is about being vital, being energised

Surprised by life, by nature

Our time alone is important

Many keep busy to avoid being alone

Try not to do this take time for yourself

We all need time alone

Make your alone time exciting

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