Friday, January 01, 2010

To whom are you grateful?

Maybe you do not remember the teacher who helped you so often

Or the boss who gave you time off

The aunt who encouraged you to try new things

Recall their efforts

Remember their generosity

When you begin to remember consciously all those to whom you are grateful it can change your life

Recognising how many people gave freely of their time and energy to you

Do you do the same for others?

It can alter your outlook remembering those who helped you

It can also teach us so much

If you find you were really thankful for the strong people in your life

Maybe this is what you want to be?

Do you compare your life to other people's?

If you do spend too much time comparing your life to other lives

Realise that what you see is not necessarily how it is

Most of us put on a brave face in public

Don't live on the public image of others

Who knows how their lives really are?

Whether it is because you want what they have

Or because you don't like what you see and judge them for that

Have a smile instead and let them be

Appreciate all those who helped you

Have a smile for where you are today

In other words appreciate what you have and not what you don't

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