Friday, August 27, 2010

After booze

The drugs, cigarettes, sex and other such

Then what?

How will you enjoy yourself next?

More of the same?

Really and for how long will that suffice?

How long until that too becomes boring, repetitive and less thrilling?

Look at those older than yourself who went down that road

How do they enjoy themselves now?

Finding the latest to 'die for' diversion


Maybe that's why many people now spend endless hours playing games

Lose your self in games it's an option

It's another diversion

Like TV the same daily routine spending hours and hours watching

Anything to give you a fix to waste another day

To kill time

A lift perhaps

Another head space

Away from worry

A release, a break

Again a diversion

And after a while the pleasure seems to fade

Just does not seem the same any longer

What to do?

Why is there that vague dissatisfaction inside?

Why when you have had everything, tried everything?

Why this feeling of dissatisfaction?

Could it be that "you cannot hide when you are crippled inside" as one John Lennon once wrote?

Crippled from trying to run away

Trying to amuse yourself to death

Trying to hide from the pain and loneliness inside

All those diversions

Year after year

And still that loneliness inside

Lets face it life is not just about amusing yourself

Thought it was?

Well you were wrong

Life is about putting out and not just to gain things for yourself

Life is about caring and sharing

Try it

Before karma smacks you about

And the loneliness inside has you screaming some more


Anonymous said...

if i understand correctly - you does not meen what games (like sport) is lose the time. i like sport. This is best way to have relax and support health. i think you say about sense of proportion in all affairs... but some time - yes - i have black hole inside ... i sit, watching TV, click programs and look like a full idiot!-) but if a have some business or some body need the help and i can help him - i dont remember about myself and do everysing what a can.
But if i stay face to face to myself - i have 2 way - use meditation to have happy or use diversion relax like TV, sex, alcohol adn so on....
When i thy to deside what i should to do - i chose wrong... Some sit in me, something like a litl devil and "help" me make a wrong chose...

Antony said...

Yes sport is something I like too although our life does not leave much time for it nowadays.
Your remark about having a "black hole inside" and choosing a "wrong chose" is something I will write about and try to give you some ideas and understanding

I will call it "litl devil"

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot!