Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Long way round

Once upon a time................

We all were hunter gatherers and had no larder.
Not much storage either.
Only what you could carry

Eating whatever was available that day.

Just like all the other animals around us.

Living on what was available.

Often moving with the herds, maybe with some for a whole season.

With others for certain times of the year.

And then along came the idea of farming or agriculture.

Maybe it started with putting down a few seeds to help things along.

Whatever the intent the result was profoundly seismic. 

It changed humanity like nothing has before or since.

Maybe bigger than relativity or the earth being round or the sun being the center of things and not us.

Anyway you look at it the biggest single change in our evolution.

What do we mean?

Simply this it altered our relationship to nature.

It altered our consciousness.

Instead of being at one with everything.

Instead of seeing everything as spiritual a gift from nature.

Instead of everything being part of God if that is how you see it

We became separate

We saw things through new eyes

Us and them

Me and you


The single biggest step on our journey

Things and nature no longer sacred
No longer use only what you need
No longer respect
No longer replace just use and throw away.
And today?
Nearing the end of this illusion.
For that is what it is an illusion.
Most probably will not be a pretty ending.

Giving up our lies and deceit.

Must happen though.

No way to continue pretending we are conquering nature.

We can only live in and with nature.

We are part of nature
Not apart from nature.
Taken some time to get to this point, might take a while longer yet.
There is no other way.
We are one.
And once we accept this we can start repairing the damage we have caused.
Will we have time.
Will we have the will power.
We will see.

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