Monday, June 11, 2012


or is it?

Most of us face temptation at some time or another

What would you do?

How are you with temptation?

Is temptation a question of scale for you?

If the reward is big enough then would you say OK?

Why do we ask?

Because at some point this will come to you.

Maybe not as above in a sexual context.

Maybe in Business.

Maybe with money.

It will come

Might even be betrayal

How would you be with that?

Or blackmail

How strong are you with that?

Life will test you for sure

Be clear about yourself

About your moral and other strengths

The easy way out might look attractive at the time

It usually does

However over the course of a life you will experience this differently

 We meet so many who share they wish they had not taken what had seemed to be the easy way out

Life will test you.

Know yourself.

Think twice before you take the easy way out.

Because over the period of your life that easy way out really is not easy at all.

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